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Skyrim more armor slots

skyrim more armor slots

So this mod well pretty much allow you to wear those 5 extra piece of armor on anything that usually takes all the slots, like the clean dirty suits. report this ad. More Armor Slots by Abbalovesyou Fallout 4» Gameplay Effects and Changes. Added: 15/11/ - PM. Updated: 05/09/ - AM. Page 1 of 8 - SkyUI - show armor slots - posted in Downloads - Skyrim Non Adult Mods: Click armor category, to show the biped slot (s) the armors are using. For extra space for the armor names you can hide columns by. There is a short tutorial in one of the images if you don't know what to do. Play Elder Scrolls Online? The "Empty Slot"-s for the body 32 , hands 33 and feet 37 show the appropriate naked model for your character. Desc Files Images Posts Bugs 62 Forums Tags Videos Actions Changes Stats. Making Mods CK Wiki and Videos. This doesn't have to be a headache to figure out. It is possible that when equipping "Empty Slot 32 - Body" your character will have gaps at the calves and forearms. XB1 - on my first visit to Apocripha, it has a normal sky and the game crashes whenever Miraak attempts his Dragon Aspect shout. Great, very useful stuff, thanks! This can be avoided by adding "Empty Slot 50" to the item list of Outfit2. Posted 12 July - All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Desc Files Images Posts Bugs 62 Forums Tags Videos Actions Changes Stats. Desc Files Images Posts Tags Actions Changes. Credits b3lisario SkyUI team. Technically there is about , but not all are avalible, and not all can actually be used to be assigned to armor or weapon parts, and some of them are used for really obscure purposes, such as bloodied dragon heads having their own slot XD.

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Androktone Member Members 66 posts. Last edited by Avalanch07 ; 30 Apr, 3: Does it look like the Creation Club will be the same or different in this regard? You won't be able to vote or comment. Added to the sexlab index under highly recommended mods to have alongside SexLab since I always need to figure out what slots I'm using. Holy crap, I was wondering not too long ago if a mod existed that did just this, and here you've gone and made it!

Skyrim more armor slots Video

Best In Slot's Top 10 - Armour Mods [Skyrim Mod Spotlights] Best mod for mashuping! You currently have javascript disabled. Back to Downloads - Skyrim Non Adult Mods. If this doesn't exist, can someone make one? Description This adds a new column in the SkyUI's inventory, armor category, to show the biped slot s the armors are using. Gowild online casino is no additional feature. Surprised it's taken this long for someone to whip something like this up. I was just think padron electoral other day how much I need something like. This is an archived post. EdinMG Let The Music Be Your Master Members posts. I always want to figure out which equippable item uses the same slot, and you just save my day! Avalanch07 View Profile View Posts. Do you have an account there?

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