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Vietnam war ace of spades

vietnam war ace of spades

This is an exact reproduction of the famous Ace of Spades " Death Card " used during the Vietnam War by the United States Military. The top line reads: "Death. However, the Ace of Spades is also associated with death. during the Vietnam War, American GIs began a tradition of placing the ace on a. American soldiers put ace cards in the mouths of dead Viet Cong troops during operation "baker" in Vietnam. Allegedly after the cards were dropped the Air Force would bomb the location. He offered to let me pick and keep one picture but I declined. Here is a rare WWII Japanese leaflet that uses the ace of hearts to spread its propaganda message to American troops trapped on the Philippine Islands during the early days of the war. This repeated error was probably symptomatic of trying to maintain continuity and high-quality psychological operations with military persons being shuffled into and out of the country on one-year tours of duty. I have shortened it considerably but perhaps it will shed some light on the mysterious history of the ace of spades: I suspect that Katherine Keane was just dealing with regular soldiers back from the field suffering from some degree of PTSD. Before we leave the subject of a playing card ace being used to bear a message during wartime, we should mention that it is not only the ace of spades that has been used for PSYOP purposes. However, the 6th Battalion of the 21st NVA Regiment did attack two CAP units to the east of in April and May, so there was definitely strong activity in the sector. Powers relayed the story to Bob Considine for his nationally syndicated newspaper column and he also made a press release to United Press International. He was previously in the 82nd Airborne Division and the 1st Special Forces Group and served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The calling card was placed on the chest or tucked, slightly, in the shirt pocket.

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DIRTY SECRETS of VIETNAM: The Aces of Southeast Asia (720p) In November of , I was contacted by Military Senior Instructor Farhana Qazi who wondered if he could use some of the images from this article for a new class he was teaching. There was apparently more than one letter written to the president of the playing card company. I had a short 5 day break and traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia and got a tattoo of image two on my shin. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The first showed a dead Vietnamese with an Ace of Spades stuck in his mouth. I believe that I was more scared of them though. The answers would seem to be a resounding "no.

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Here then was an incorrect identification of a superstition coupled with a friendly capability to exploit the presumed condition. Notify me of new posts via email. I found these cards in a bunker while on patrol on the perimeter of Camp Eagle, Phu Bai, Viet Nam in Dec. There are many types of the ace of spades death cards. No one in battalion seemed to care. As a symbol it was also a very effective tool in the maintenance of moral among US fighting men. I have read those letters from time to time and still have a good feeling about what we were trying to. Therefore, when you see the black spade, think of death. The 2d Brigade deployed to the Republic of Vietnam December After years of looking at death cards I suspect that nobody ever made as many as the st Airborne. Bad oeynhausen reha did have a Photostat machine enabling us to copy stuff. There have been just a few reports of death or calling cards used during Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

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In fact, leaving the card on the bodies of dead Vietnamese soldiers became such a popular practice among G. The playing card company then received so many requests for cards even from mothers who wanted to send them to their sons they started packaging them in special marked boxes containing 52 aces. The text on the back of this leaflet is:. Specialist 4th Class Dave Kolchuk was an Army illustrator assigned to the th PSYOP Company in Vietnam from October to October The word "BICYCLE" appears around the top of the box in red. vietnam war ace of spades

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